Jibs Journey // Destination Rio // Our Favorite New Year's Celebration

Find yourself on the beaches of Copacabana, dressed head to toe in white, and bring in the new year with thousands of people from all over the globe!  Celebrate at one of the worlds top 5 New Years destinations.  Rio's New Year's festivities are one of the many things team jibs loves about Brazil!

Copacabana Beach - New Year's

Here are a few of our top pics, travel tips, and our jibs style guide for Rio!  

Dressed in white

THINGS TO BRING  -  Pack a white outfit for New Years.  At minimum bring a pair of white pants or shorts and your white jibs .  It's not always easy to find the perfect pair of pants and white shoes while traveling.   You can improvise the top.   Pack at least one athletic outfit, and one outfit or transitional pieces that can be worn to a nice meal or fancy cocktails. Bring a great fedora or hat.  Often it rains around new year, you'll be at the beach and will need a great hat to wear if your hair is a mess.  Obviously bring sunglasses, face sunscreen, a bluetooth speaker, a swell bottle (for beach rose')

WHAT TO LEAVE BEHIND - Your flip flops - You'll have jibs!   Expensive time pieces - Rio is not the place.   Many things like sunscreen can be purchased at duty free or at a local pharmacy.

WHERE TO STAY -  Stay in Ipanema or Copacabana. More than likely you'll be traveling with a group of friends and airbnb is the best way to find well rated homes.  There are also many home rental agents.  Don't be shocked by the New Years Prices!   Any Belmond property will rock your world - check out the Copacabana Palace

GREAT PLACES TO COCKTAIL POOLSIDE -   Rooftop at the Fasano in Ipanema   -    Copacabana Palace


  • New Years Eve - Copacabana Beach.  Wear white and decend on the beach early enough to grab a great spot with your friends. Wearing all white is known to bring good luck in the new year.  Bring a sarong and create some space to hang out.  Fill your swell bottles with cocktails and bring bubbles!  Everyone wants to be at the beach so be prepared for a crowd - NYE is an experience of a lifetime.
  • IPANEMA BEACH - There is something extraordinary about spending the day at the beach.  No need to rush in the early morning, but you'll want to get to the beach before all the umbrellas and chairs are taken -  Expect to pay R$4 per chair and R$5 per umbrella, you can open a tab for drinks with the servers on the beach or bring your own!  Use the umbrella pole to secure your bags, cover your speaker, and it's best to have a friend with your belongs at all times!  Stay until sunset - must do!
  • GO FOR AN EARLY RUN - The locals run along the beach and use the outdoors for fitness!  It's really fun, sweaty, and a great way to see the beach and ocean front property before traffic and people take over the streets.  You can run the length of Ipanema and turn around before you reach the favelas.
  • ENJOY FRESH COCONUTS AND ACAI - Stick a straw in a coconut and enjoy the refreshment!  You can pick up fresh Juices and Acai almost anywhere.
  • VISIT CHRIST THE REDEEMER - It's a must when visiting Rio.

Check out some or our #jibsjourney pics from Rio!


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