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Ruby High Top Jibs

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Jibs fit large, order 1/2 size down, click for details -->

Walk the line. Up your comfort level by stepping up to the styled life with a pop of rouge.

Jibs shoes are based on timeless silhouettes redesigned in a modern fashion. Unique features:

  • Flexible slip-on designs that feel crazy comfortable.
  • Biodegradable leather upper with diamond perforation for a snug feeling.
  • Biodegradable cork insole that breathes and manages moisture and odor
  • Soles and shoeboxes are made out of recycled materials.
  • The wide and flat footbed creates the most natural connection between your feet and any surface.
  • Handmade in Brazil by family-owned businesses and local resources, for transparency and quality.
We don’t do Jibs by halves, so, when it comes to sizing if you are between two sizes go smaller for a perfect fit. A snug fit is recommended as the un-lined authentic and soft Brazilian leather will naturally stretch and take on the unique shape of your foot. You can anticipate your shoes to stretch up to half a size between an hour to a day of strolling the streets or beaches. Some say, like skinny jeans, if they are super snug at first, (but not painful) they then relax to a perfect glove- like fit. If they are too loose to begin with, they will then stretch and slip off your feet.
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We've designed a shoe that makes you look and feel good.

Product Intro
Product Intro

Feel good and keep #makingmemories