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The shoe that fits your active lifestyle.


It's not work if it feels like play. Call it a passion project. Call it a shoe that was at the right place at the right time. Natalie, Reza, and JD call it a good time - and they're following stride in a big way!

Our perforated shoe goodness reigns from tropical Brazil where the [ Jibs Life ] style is a huge hit with the locals. We like to share here, making the style and fit casually wearable by all. We are ageless, genderless and nearly size-less from Lil Jib age of 5, to Mens' US 12 and truly every man, woman and child in between. Curated in an array of colors and leathers we're pretty certain you'll find your endless summering match made in heaven within our first collection.

With great love and laughter, your Jibs are hand crafted in the beautiful backdrop of Três Coroas on the southern tip of Brazil. We are ever grateful to work with an intimate family run factory where not only are your shoes built with care, all earnings that the factory receives are incredibly impactful during this time of economic hardship in their community. From all of us here at [ Jibs Life ], thank you for your support and passion for joining the #jibsjourney.

We're only just getting started - stay tuned for more stories of how the first [JIBS] made it's voyage from southern Brasil to New York City, via Vancouver...!

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