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Customer reviews

Finally made it down to Point Roberts to pick up my Jibs on Friday and I’m OBSESSED!! Wore them all day yesterday exploring and brewery hopping through Old Bellingham and my feet felt amazing at the end of a 10 hour adventure. Sounds like all my colleagues are equally as thrilled as we're all wearing Jibs these days!

Sarah W, Bellingham WA

Honestly I wear Jibs EVERYDAY!!!

Alex R, Los Angeles CA

Through actions like these we can assert that we are dealing with a serious and professional company. I really value communication, honesty, and professionalism as shown in our correspondence.  As I stated before, I am very happy with my first pair of Jibs and foresee buying others in the future.  Additionally, I will be recommending them to friends and family.  

Rossana C, Miami FL

The high tops are my absolute favorite shoe of all time. I wore my last pair on my wedding day actually : ) 

Andy T, Houston TX

These are EXACTLY what I was looking for, I am super excited!

Claire L, North Vancouver BC Canada

I absolutely love the brand. I work at a very large salon in Manhattan and have been telling all my clients and co workers about how much I love the shoes. I’m super excited to get my next order.

Julian G, New York NY

Was on vacation in Bermuda and saw one of the guys in group wearing them.  He loved them. That's the best advertising there is !!!!

Neil B, Warren NJ

..so my 75 year old lady obgyn (who is the boss) was like...your shoes!!!  And then my hospitality consultant and all the guys on my construction site today we're all hey!!! Your shoes!! 

Alexis, Boulder CO

I was out at a birthday thing last weekend, saw someone wearing them, creeped close to find the label on the back :) I got my shoes yesterday. They fit perfectly, so excited!  Both my roommates want them now :)

Taryn F, San Francisco CA


Feel good and keep #makingmemories