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We want you to find the perfect fit for your new pair. Read our helpful instructions below to help you find just the right size before you before purchase.

Get a half size smaller

The natural stretch of our Diamond Lite™ perforated leather allows for a unique fit to your exact foot shape. This perfect fit will likely start with a very snug fit when you first slide them on your feet. They will then stretch out within minutes to hours for a glove like comfort. Curious for half sizes? This magic stretch-to-fit allows you to comfortably go down a half size. If you're a size 7.5, get a size 7.

NEW "Mules" Style Sizing

For a most relaxed and effortless slip-in experience with our newest Mule Classics and Mule Slims please note the shape of your foot for ideal size. If slim to normal; stick with your typical Jibs size. If normal to wide (or with a high arch) then purchase one (1) size up from your traditional Jibs fit . If this is your first Jibs purchase order your size (for a true-to-size fit) or go up the 1/2 size. Ex: if you are a size 7.5, get a size 8.

Fit Guide

We don’t do Jibs by halves, so, when it comes to sizing if you are between two sizes go smaller for a perfect fit. A snug fit is recommended as the un-lined authentic and soft Brazilian leather will naturally stretch and take on the unique shape of your foot, aka our special Diamond Lite™ fit. You can anticipate your shoes to stretch up to half a size between an hour to a day of strolling the streets or beaches. Some say, like skinny jeans, if they are super snug at first, (but not painful) they then relax to a perfect glove- like fit. If they are too loose to begin with, they will then stretch and slip off your feet.

Note that returns and exchanges are only provided on shoes worn minimally indoors.

For international and kids’ sizes refer to this sizing chart.

For more information check our FAQ or contact us.
International Jib Sizing

To keep your Jibs in shape wherever you go, read our tips below on our recommendations for optimal care.

Shoe Care

Leather Care and Cleaning

Your Jibs are designed to work hard and keep up with you throughout your day.

From office to gym and gym to dinner they will need a little TLC from time to time.

Here is how:

The leather upper: To maintain that “just out of the box” glow, take a damp cloth and wipe it over your Jibs from time to time. You can add a drop of dish soap to any stubborn stains and rub and remove with the cloth.

The recycled PVC outer sole: For best results take an old toothbrush and some dish soap and scrub out any markings or dirt. Alternatively, Magic Eraser has been known to put the sparkle back in your soles!

The Insole: This is fully washable so you can throw it in the machine and leave it to air dry afterwards.

Jibs and Water

Jibs love to splash in puddles and dance in the rain as much as the next shoe, however, like all leather, they are water resistant but not fully waterproof. This means that rain from a light shower will not penetrate your shoes and if immediately left out to dry, they will not be damaged.

Submerging your Jibs in muddy puddles on city streets or diving off the boat into the blue ocean can be appealing but full recovery for your Jibs cannot be guaranteed. They are made from a soft, permeable leather which won’t hold its shape, texture or smell, when submerged in water.

We like to use color rich pigments when dying our leather. For this reason, the color from your navy and red Jibs may bleed slightly if your Jibs become wet.

Summering and Wintering

True fact: authentic leather remains neutral regardless of the temperature, and does not retain sweat or odor, allowing our perforated leather shoes to be worn barefoot and to improve with age.


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